Charles Hayes

Charles “the Angel of Death” Hayes
The “Angel of Death” is an Internet term applied to Charles S. Hayes because of his role in bringing about the resignation of many a corrupt politician. Hayes is also the head and public representative of the Fifth Column group of hackers who track political payoffs through money-laundering channels.

Angel of Death Gives Deposition to DOJ in Inslaw Case An argument for the resignation of the entire Justice Department.
The Dickheads Are Getting Desperate Federal agents show up in Nancy, Kentucky.
Sticky Fingers at the DOJ and U.S. Customs The government steals and doesn’t pay its bills.
Earl Brian Convicted in California The chief marketeer of the PROMIS software is convicted of financial fraud.
Angel of Death Arrested Don’t talk about PROMIS. Don’t help the Special Prosecutor.
Chuck Hayes Versus Bill Clinton The progress of the war of Clinton’s resignation.
Chuck Hayes Versus Bill Clinton 2 FBI director Louis Freeh doesn’t like Chuck Hayes.
Chuck Hayes and Me, Part 1 The House Committee on Banking asks the NSA about PROMIS software and money-laundering.
Chuck Hayes and Me, Part 2 Hayes investigates drug-money laundering, while the House Committee on Banking kisses NSA butt.
Chuck Hayes and Me, Part 3 Why the Fifth Column is necessary: “I don’t want another Danny Casolaro on my hands.
The Metaphysics of Political Illusion U.S. Attorney Joseph Famularo is a kook.
Orlin Grabbe Versus Joseph Famularo My letter to U.S. Attorney Joseph Famularo, demanding reasons for his falsified claims.
Orlin Grabbe Versus Joseph Famularo 2 Famularo’s chief witness is also a liar.
Orlin Grabbe Versus Joseph Famularo 3 Famularo says it’s all Martin Hatfield’s fault.
The FBI Conspiracy Against Chuck Hayes FBI agent David Keller overrules the Court and the Assistant US Attorney.
FBI Agent David “Killer” Keller Rides Again Keller struggles with the English language.
Chuck Hayes and Me, Part 4 Bert Lance Visits Kentucky.
Chuck Hayes and Me, Part 5 The deal with Gingrich.
Jailed Chuck Hayes Claims FBI Setup, by James Norman Notes from underground.
Famularo’s Case Against Chuck Hayes Begins to Crumble Department of Justice under scrutiny.
Hayes Claims He Will Sue FBI Agent By Sherry Price of Pulaski Week.
Three Motions Filed by Chuck Hayes The Kentucky saga continues.
Murder on the World Wide Web More Gobbledegook from FBI Agent David “Killer” Keller.
Federal Justice in London, Kentucky Indicted jailer, but not Chuck Hayes, free on bond.
The Dickheads Are Still Desperate Why Congress should withdraw all funding from the FBI.
Judge Jennifer B. Coffman’s Kangaroo Court Hayes’ testimony confirms Fifth Column-induced retirements. Former drug dealer and former
mental patient testify on behalf of government.
Chuck Hayes vs. Lawrence W. Myers By Gail Gibson. Witness’ past prompts delay in murder-plot trial
Sex with Hillary What one has to do to get a press conference.
Letter to Chairman, House Judiciary Committee A request to look into the activities of the Justice Department/FBI in Kentucky.
How You Can Help Charles Hayes Three things to do.
Police Reports on Lawrence W. Meyers Background of Lawrence “Myers” of Media Bypass fame. What he did to his friend.
Judge Jennifer Coffman’s Kangaroo Court Continues I be de judge.
The Make-Believe World of Charles Hayes Jury decides Charles Hayes never worked for the CIA.
Lawrence Meyers Pleads Guilty to Grand Theft Court record from 1986.
Charles Hayes: Motion for a Directed Verdict or Mistrial The U.S. Attorney hides Lawrence “Myers” background.
Letter of Charles Hayes to Montana Senate Drugs and money laundering in Montana.
Government Used False CIA Affidavits, Defense Says Lawrence Myers dismissed from military for mental condition.
Letter of Chip Tatum to Montana Senate More on FBI drug-smuggling in Montana.
Spook Wars in Cyberspace, by Dick Russell Is the FBI Railroading Charles Hayes?
Is Bill Clinton Obstructing Justice in Hayes Case? Judge has tête-à-tête with President at the Watergate Hotel.
Mexican Madness Pendejo in paradise.
Chuck Hayes Testimony Regarding His CIA Files
Letter re Charles Hayes
Hayes on CIA, PROMIS, Fifth Column, Foster, and DOJ
Chuck Hayes Prognosticates from Prison, by Rich Azar
Charles Hayes: A Prison Interview, by Wesley Phelan The Future of Politics.
Letter to Chuck Hayes
Court Testimony Regarding Lawrence Myers Why is this convicted thief and psychiatric case running free while Chuck Hayes is in jail?
Charles S. Hayes Sentencing Transcript Judge Jenny places presentence investigation report under seal!
James Norman’s Letter to Warden of Manchester Prison
New Address for Chuck Hayes
Judge Jennifer B. Coffman Coaches the Prosecution How to deal with the testimony of (Convicted Felon) Lawrence Myers and (FBI Agent) Steve Brannon.

On July 25, 1997, despite a presentence investigation report that recommended that Charles Hayes be sentenced to time served (i.e. immediately released), Judge Jennifer B. Coffman sentenced Charles Hayes to the federal maximum of 10 years in prison.

How You Can Help Charles Hayes