Vince Foster

Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and
Banking Transactions Spying
by J. Orlin Grabbe
A series exploring the murder of Vince Foster, who–among other duties– was an overseer of an NSA project to spy on banking transactions. The series begins with a memo by Jim Norman, Senior Editor at Forbes, to Mike McCurry of the White House Press Office inquiring about the espionage activities of Vince Foster. Then (reflecting my own on-going investigation) it gradually branches out into relevant background issues necessary to understand pieces of the story. Finally, it converges back to Foster’s final days.

Most of the people who have an opinion on this issue have never done any investigation themselves, and the few who have long ago buried their heads in the flora of Ft. Marcy Park and never looked at the larger picture.

Foster was under counter-intelligence investigation when he died. Nearly every investigator misses this part of the picture. Did these activities lead to his death? Or did others take advantage of the circumstances to rid themselves of someone who might talk? Neither question can be answered until the actual killer(s) is (are) identified.

Part 1 Jim Norman sends a memo to the White House, which leaks it to a Starr assistant.
Part 2 Charles O. Morgan threatens to sue anyone who says Systematics has a relationship with the NSA.
Part 3 Vince Foster oversaw covert money laundering at Systematics.
Part 4 Hillary Clinton and Web Hubbell represented Systematics during the BCCI takeover of First American.
Part 5 Philosophical musings on the meaning of this investigation.
Part 6 The curious tenacles (and strange denials) of Systematics.
Part 7 Virtual realities in the media and banking. Israel as a virtual nuclear power.
Part 8 Caspar Weinberger’s Swiss account. Israel’s nuclear spying.
Part 9 Cover-up by House Banking Committee investigators.
Part 10 BCCI, money laundering, and the nuclear weapons programs of Pakistan and Israel.
Part 11 Money laundering and the intelligence community.
Part 12 The Cabazon Indian reservation, PROMIS, BCCI, and the death of Danny Casolaro.
Part 13 NSA’s PROMIS virus, Mellon money laundering, and Vince Foster’s blue NSA notebook.
Part 14 Letter of advice to the Pittsburgh-based nuclear network.
Part 15 What role is really being played by Richard Mellon Scaife?
Part 16 The NSA worm. Federal Reserve money laundering.
Part 17 Sheila Foster Anthony effects a $286,000 wire transfer to her sister-in-law Lisa Foster four days before Vince Foster’s death.
Part 18 Gaping holes in the investigation of the death of Vince Foster.
Part 19 The modern triangular trade, the parallels between Arkansas and Pittsburgh, and why Jim Norman is in trouble.
Part 20 Genealogy–mine and the Mellons.
Part 21 The Meadors hearing and the problems of Mellon bank.
Part 22 James Hamilton doesn’t get a chance to deny the $286,000 wire transfer by Sheila Anthony.
Part 23 Bush spies on Perot. The blonde hairs found on Foster’s body.
Part 24 The Foster hit appears unprofessional, and to have taken the White House by surprise.
Part 25 The global money laundering operation.
Part 26 Abner Mikva resigns. Did Foster have knowledge of too many felonies?
Part 27 Earl Brian, who sold the PROMIS software around the world, is under indictment in California.
Part 28 SIOP: the Single Integrated Operational Plan for Nuclear War.
Part 29 How Jackson Stephens brought the Global Laundry to America.
Part 30 The National Programs Office and the drugs- for-arms operation at Mena and other secured facilities.
Part 31 Death and the empire of Jackson Stephens.
Part 32 Questions concerning the death of Vince Foster.
Part 33 How to launder money. Clinton’s CIA connection. The Mossad panics.
Part 34 Mossad agents forced to leave the country after putting out a contract on a Foster investigator.
Part 35 The Mossad team in Vince Foster’s apartment, and Foster’s final movements.
Part 36 Mike Wallace accepts a $150,000 bribe from the DNC to debunk the notion Vince Foster was murdered.
Part 37 The House Committee on Banking asks the NSA about PROMIS software and money-laundering in Arkansas.
Part 38 Chuck Hayes investigates drug-money laundering, while the House Committee on Banking kisses NSA butt.
Part 39 Why the Fifth Column is necessary: “I don’t want another Danny Casolaro on my hands.”
Part 40 Bert Lance visits Kentucky.
Part 41 The deal with Gingrich.
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