End Ordinary Money

The End of Ordinary Money
Money Laundering Resources
A series explaining the use of the monetary system for government surveillance, and why the growth of the information superspyway will increasingly lead to a system of anonymous digital cash. “The End of Ordinary Money, Part 1″ appeared in Liberty (July 1995) with the title “The End of Ordinary Money.” Part 2 was published in Liberty (November 1995) under the title “The Money Laundromat.”

Articles by J. Orlin Grabbe:
The End of Ordinary Money, Part 1 Read this if you want to know what my homepage is about.
The End of Ordinary Money, Part 2 And this one also.
How to Launder Money Learning the basic skills.
How to Launder Money in the Futures Market How to give Hillary a bribe via cattle futures.
Another Whack Against GAK The government’s grip on cryptology slips.
Plot to Spy on Banks Outlined in White House Email Memo from 1986 details NSC/DOJ plot to spy on banks.
Changing the Currency Is it counterfeit, or is it just foreign?
History of the Euro The single European currency.
Clipper Chip Banking Sandia National Laboratories create non-anonymous “anonymity.”
Money Laundering Through Casinos The Nevada advantage.
Money Laundering Through CHIPS and SWIFT Wholesale cleansing.
Buzz Words Analysis of inane drivel written about Bill Gates’ powerful encryption code.
Comment on PROMIS article Analysis of inane drivel written about the PROMIS software.
Wacko Notions of Terrorist Finance Analysis of inane drivel written about supercomputers tracking home-grown terrorists.
In Praise of Hawala An efficient parallel alternative to the banking system.

General Resources:
Money Laundering: The BCCI Affair: Senate Report The Bank of Criminals and Covert-Agents International knew a thing or two about laundering.
Information Technologies for Control of Money Laundering:

Preface and Glossary (pdf)
Chapter 1: Electronic Money Laundering (pdf)
Chapter 2: The Mechanisms of Wire Transfer (pdf)
Chapter 3: Money Laundering and Law Enforcement (pdf)
Chapter 4: Technologies for Detecting Money Laundering (pdf)
Chapter 5: Privacy and Confidentiality (pdf)
Chapter 6: International Issues (pdf)
Chapter 7: Conclusions and Policy Options (pdf)

Financial Havens Map

“Cyberlaundering: Anonymous Digital Cash and Money Laundering”
Money Laundering: FATF Forty Recommendations (pdf)
Money Laundering: FATF Typologies Exercise (pdf)
Money Laundering: Rapid Growth of Casinos Makes Them Vulnerable (pdf)
Money Laundering: Needed Improvements for Reporting Suspicious Activities Are Planned (pdf)
Money Laundering: Record Keeping Requirements for Cashier’s Checks (pdf)
Money Laundering: US Efforts to Combat Money Laundering Overseas (pdf)
Money Laundering: A Framework for Understanding US Efforts Overseas (pdf)
Money Laundering: FINCEN’s Law Enforcement Role is Evolving (pdf)
Money Laundering: Regulatory Oversight of Private Offshore Banking Activities (pdf)
Private Banking: Raul Salinas, Citibank, and Alleged Money Laundering (pdf)
Correspondent Banking: a Gateway to Money Laundering (.pdf)
Case Histories: Table of Contents (.pdf)
Case Histories (.pdf)
Customer Due Diligence by Banks (.pdf)

“Financial Crimes and Money Laundering,” International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, U.S. Department of State
1997 Report
1998 Report
1999 Report:
Money laundering, Intro 1
Money laundering, Intro 2
Money laundering, Intro 3
Money laundering, Intro 4
Money laundering, Intro 5
Country commentary, Part 1
Country commentary, Part 2
Country commentary, Part 3
Country commentary, Part 4
Country commentary, Part 5
Country commentary, Part 6
2000 Report:
Country commentary
Offshore Financial Centers Chart (Excel file)
Money Laundering Law Jurisdictions Compared (Excel file)
2001 Report:
Introduction and Country commentary
Offshore Financial Services Chart
Money Laundering Law Jurisdictions Compared

Financial Action Task Force: Annual Reports, Money-Laundering Typologies Reports
1998 Annual Report (.pdf)
1998 Money Laundering Typologies Report (.pdf)
1999 Annual Report (.pdf)
1999 Money Laundering Typologies Report (.pdf)
2000 Annual Report (.pdf)
2000 Money Laundering Typologies Report (.pdf)
2000 Report on Non-Cooperative Countries (.pdf)
2001 Annual Report (.pdf)
2001 Money Laundering Typologies Report (.pdf)
2001 Report on Non-Cooperative Countries (.pdf)
Special Recommendations on Terrorist Financing (.pdf)
Guidance for Financial Institutions in Detecting Terrorist Financing (.pdf)
2002 Money Laundering Typologies Report (.pdf)
2002 National Money Laundering Strategy, U.S. Department of State, July 2002