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The News Behind the News
Encroaching Tyranny & the Technology of Freedom
This section includes many articles on the news I wrote beginning in 1996 after my Vince Foster series ran into too many national security information blackouts for satisfactory completion. Most of the articles involve one or another of the principal topics introduced in “The End of Ordinary Money.” The unifying theme is individual freedom and privacy in a world of government malfeasance, government surveillance, and increasing tyranny.

In addition to my own articles, I have collected a lot of hard-to-find material written by others. Within each news section, the articles are mostly listed chronologically.


The Internet and the Death of the News Monopoly Life without a priestly caste of editors.
60 Minutes Attacks Area 51! Leslie Stahl comes to Reno, while Mike Wallace fondles his cash.
How Much is Sidney Blumenthal’s Reputation Worth? Calculation of the Drudge Report damage to a sleazy smear artist.


Is the FBI Railroading Charles Hayes? The answer is Yes.
Affidavit of Robert M. Hayes The U.S. Government plots to bomb its own consulate to “simulate terrorism”.
Michael Riconosciuto on Encryption Comments from architect of the PROMIS backdoor.
Who is Leo Wanta? The collapse of the Russian ruble. Bill Clinton’s short-term notes.
CIA Proprietary Companies? Cash stashed for George Bush, Bill Casey, Vince Foster, Bill Clinton–and others living and dead?
Big Sky Cartel Zero’s In Politicians and the FBI involved in Montana drugs.
Interview with Chip Tatum Terry Nelson, Montana Drugs, Chuck Hayes, etc.
The Tatum Chronicles Perhaps the only accurate account of the drug & arms “Enterprise” of North, Clinton & Bush.
Child Sex in Montana More northern attractions.
Charles Hayes: A Prison Interview The future of politics.
The Last Circle Info on the drug trade, from the files of Michael Riconosciuto ( whose role is misinterpreted).
The Case Against Jonathan Pollard Seymour Hersh examines the rape of U.S. security.
Jonathan Pollard Was No Jewish Patriot Eric Margolis explains that wishing doesn’t make it so.
The Sins of Jonathan Pollard Pollard stole NSA 10-vol radio signals information manual.
The Redacted Cox Report All material implicating Clinton was classified by White House.
Nuclear Lab Security The report of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.
Strategic Intelligence Spooky stuff.
Comment on PROMIS article Clueless con man discovers the past.


A Guide to Digital Cash Articles on My Webpage Read this first for background.
Digital Cash and the Future of Money Appeared as “Introduction to Digital Cash” in Liberty (July 1998) and in the SIRS Renaissance data base (1999).
Concepts in Digital Cash Basic concepts necessary to get started.
Digital Cash and the Regulators We gonna regulate, just as soon as we figure out what it is.
The Mathematical Ideas Behind Digital Cash Speech to Libertarian Party of Colorado.
Internet Payment Schemes, Part 1 Secure credit card systems. iKP, SET, EMV, CyberCash, First Virtual, FBOI, BankNet,
Open Financial Exchange.
Internet Payment Schemes, Part 2 Adventures in Prague. Debt-Credit systems. NetCheque, Netbill, and CyberCoin.
Internet Payment Schemes, Part 3 Digital cash systems. NetCash, Mondex, & Digicash ecash.
Cryptography and Number Theory for Digital Cash A tutorial.
Stefan Brands’ System of Digital Cash A digital cash system with real privacy. Consistency between the on-line & off-line systems.
Digital Signatures Illustrated A tutorial.
Smart Cards and Private Currencies The technology of Hayek’s dream.


October Country
The Year 2000 Problem in Perspective
Financial Regulators Year 2000 Resources


The End of Ordinary Money, Part 1 How Big Brother took over the financial system.
The End of Ordinary Money, Part 2 Your banker is a snitch. Money laundering law & digital cash.
Social Security Numbers as Identification Tokens Protect yourself from government and private databases.
The International PGP Home Page Encryption for the masses. Get your free PGP here.
Russian PGP Homepage
PGP Faq: Diffie Hellman vs. RSA Forget RSA. Use Diffie-Hellman (which is really El Gamal).
Transferring Defense Technology to Law Enforcement Voice recognition and other matters.
Communications Privacy in a Digital Age The costs of monitoring have dropped. We need to take steps to increase them.
Department of Justice Guidelines for Seizing Computers [Coming soon.]
The World Financial Police Attack Anonymity We want to know where your money is and what you are doing with it.
Technologies of Political Control How governments keep the sheep obediently in line.
ECHELON: Global Surveillance A global agreement, centered at the NSA, to spy on citizens.
Trust in Cyberspace The National Academy of Sciences examines network security.
The Hidden Hand of ILETS More on international tapping via “back doors” and ENFOPOL.
Interception Capabilities 2000 European Parliament report on Echelon and Communications Spying.
Microsoft’s “NSA Backdoor” An NSA backdoor? Probably not, but Microsoft “security” is clearly a myth.
National Security Agency Declassified Document introduction by Jeffrey T. Richelson.
National Security Agency Documents With commentary by intelligence author Jeffrey T. Richelson.


Security Risks in Government-Mandated “Key Recovery” Nightmare on Clipper Street, part III.
Encryption, China, RSA, and Banking Following the money code.
Michael Riconosciuto on Encryption Comments from architect of the PROMIS backdoor.
Cryptography and Number Theory for Digital Cash A tutorial.
How Secure is America’s Nuclear Arsenal? Public key cryptography and nuclear weapons.
NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iraq-Iran War How the NSA bugged international cryptography software.
Letter from Bill Payne Regarding Cryptography at Sandia
Crypto AG: The NSA’s Trojan Whore? More on how the NSA bugged international cryptography software.
Digital Signatures Illustrated A tutorial.
The DES Algorithm Illustrated A tutorial.
Black and White Test of Cryptographic Algorithms William H. Payne explains how to choose an algorithm.
The Wassenaar Invasion of Privacy Global agreement on cryptography restriction.
International Cryptography Freedom Protect the world from Wassenaar.
Crack of GSM Cell Phones
Crack of Microsoft’s PPTP Protocol Virtual Un-Private Networks.
Deep Crack: The EFF Builds Computer to Crack DES
Smart Card Tamper Resistance–a Cautionary Note
Cracking Smart Cards with Differential Power Analysis
Cracking Smart Cards with Fault Analysis.
Timing Attacks on Implementations of Diffie Hellman, RSA, DSS, and Other Systems
The Uncensored Walsh Report on Encryption Technologies
Intelink The network linking US spook agencies.
Permissive Action Links How cryptography is used in nuclear weapons.
Handbook of Applied Cryptography All 15 chapters and index available on-line (see the middle of the page).
Applied Cryptography Bruce Schneier’s book is available on-line also.


Scenario for War in the Middle East The House secret report forcasting war between Syria and Israel and the possible use of nuclear weapons.
Leaked Report Says War May Be Near in Mideast Platt’s Oilgram News discovers my web page.
The Nukes of Hazard South Africa, Israel, Iran, Iraq.
The Third Temple: Blueprint for War? A “simulation” altar.
NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iraq-Iran War How the NSA helped out Saddam Hussein.
Mossad Agent Faked Syrian “War” Reports Deception served political agenda?


Here Come the Zombies How governments turn bankers into rich gamblers.
Credit Lyonnais & L.F. Rothschild Ready to Topple Bad loans and bodies in the French laundry.
History of the Euro The single European currency.
The Asian Financial Crisis in Perspective The bubble rotation.
The Year 2000 Problem in Perspective Y2K and the end of time as we know it.
The Gold Market, Part 1 Gold in the international financial system. The London Gold Fixing.
The Gold Market, Part 2 Spot gold trading. The London Bullion Market Association.
The Gold Market, Part 3 Gold lease and libor rates. The forward price of gold. Gold swaps.
The Gold Market, Part 4 The World Trade Center bombing and the gold market. Gold futures. Exchange for physicals.
The Gold Market, Part 5 Gold FRAs. Gold interest-rate swaps. Gold interest-rate guarantees.
The Gold Market, Part 6 Gold options. Options as insurance contracts.
And Now, the Financial Apocalypse When pundits say “the expansion will last forever,” the end is near.
Stocks and Bonds Go Down Together The peculiar economics of Mafia Bonds.
The Collapse of the New World Order Visions of paradise and the collapse of the Global Free Lunch.
The Credit Crunch The core of the July-October 1997 crash.
The Eye of the Storm The Global Free Lunch is back. Oh, Joy!
Copper-Bottom Pricing How to price commodity spread options with negative strikes.
Chaos and Fractals in Financial Markets, Part 1
Chaos and Fractals in Financial Markets, Part 2
Chaos and Fractals in Financial Markets, Part 3
Chaos and Fractals in Financial Markets, Part 4
Chaos and Fractals in Financial Markets, Part 5
Chaos and Fractals in Financial Markets, Part 6


The Jim Bell Files Assassination politics. The wrath of the IRS. Jim Bell’s Theorem. And more.
Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Information Warfare
Industrial Espionage Today & Information Wars of Tomorrow (pdf)
Industrial Espionage Through Social Engineering (pdf)
Information Warfare, INFOSEC, and Dynamic Information Defense (pdf)
FSTAC: Financial Services Risk Assessment (pdf)
FSTAC: Electric Power Risk Assessment
GAO: Computer Attacks at Department of Defense (pdf)
Cyberterror and Cyberhype There may be risk from cyberterror. But are officials this clueless qualified to judge?


The White House “Big Brother” Data Base & How Jackson Stephens Precipitated a Banking Crisis The role of Jackson Stephen’s software firm Systematics in creating security holes both in White House and commercial banking software.
The White House Downloaded And mad as hell about it, too.
Will Filegate Bring Down the FBI? The FBI turned over about 2045 files to the White House.
Is the WHODB Clinton’s Frankenstein Monster? Bill’s computers watch Bill.
Webb Hubbell and Big Brother (WHODB) Artificial intelligence, a payoff, a PROMIS conversion, a fired Secret Service agent.
Fund-Raiser’s Use of White House Database Reported Secret project keeps track of political donors.
Safire on Clinton’s Data Base Some “mean hacker” set to attack WHODB?
Insight Magazine reports on WHODB Click on “Investigative Reports”, then click on “White House Scandals”.


Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum First, gas and burn the children. Then bury the evidence with a bulldozer.
Waco: The Illegal Search Warrant “Zee Big One”–funding time at the BATF.
The Commander at Ft. Hood, Texas, During the Waco Massacre The mad bomber of Yugoslavia himself.
ATF Agents Go Shooting with David Koresh Nine days before the first bloody raid it was all buddy-buddy.
Texas Ranger Report on the Branch Davidians Waco was a professional hit.


The Downing of TWA Flight 800 TWA Flight 800 was taken out at around 7000 feet altitude by an apparent Stinger missile. A terrorist group connected to Syria gave advance warning and said there would be five more.
Syria and TWA Flight 800 101 fast reasons to keep on eye on Syria.
Bill Clinton’s Choo-Choo The President takes a train ride. The modified warhead on the missile that took down TWA Flight 800.
The Phosphorus-Headed Missile and TWA Flight 800 Some details on the missile that took out TWA Flight 800.
Witnesses Confirm Missile Took Down TWA 800 The New York Post almost gets the story right, but not quite.
DIA on TWA 800 Missile, by John McCaslin Agent of Defense Intelligence Agency speaks to congress.
TWA 800 Investigation Cover-Up: The Proof Ian Goddard shows clear evidence of an FBI cover-up.
The Syrian Connection to the Dhahran Bombing The FBI, as usual, covers up the evidence.
What May Have Happened to TWA800 A boat offshore . . .
TWA 800: “I Saw an Ordnance Explosion”
Former Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Revives Missile Theory
Crash Test Dummies More on the botched investigation.
Interim Report on the Crash of TWA Flight 800 and the Actions of the NTSB and the FBI The report of Commander William S. Donaldson, USN Ret. in cooperation with Associated Retired Aviation Professionals.
Clinton Involved in Coverup of TWA800 Terrorist Missile Cmdr. William S. Donaldson, III, USN, Ret.
TWA 800 Shootdown The New American interviews William S. Donaldson.
TWA 800 Boeing says missile may have downed plane.


Misconduct Allegations Arise in FBI Lab Probe FBI falsifies evidence and commits perjury.
FBI Suspends Oklahoma City Whistle-blower You weren’t supposed to know about the contaminated evidence.
Case Against Oklahoma Bomb Suspect Collapses Another government sting gone awry?
Secret Pentagon Report on Oklahoma City Bombing–Evidence of a Inside Job? More than a sting gone bad.
The John Doe Times Info on the Oklahoma City bombing.
Oklahoma City, Government-Paid Neo-Nazis, and the FCC One more attempt to bury the truth about the Oklahoma City bombing.
Rep. Charles Key on the Facts of the Oklahoma Bombing
DOJ Report on FBI Crime Lab How to lie with forensics.
Writ of Mandamus Stephen Jones, attorney for Timothy McVeigh, on the evidence in the OKC bombing.
Kirk Lyons, Attorney for Andreas Strassmeir, Responds
John Doe Times Special Edition Report that Elohim City leader Millar is FBI informant.
ATF Memo says Carol Howe “key” to identifying Elohim City/OKC bomb link
General Says Four Charges Destroyed Murrah Federal Building
Niki Deutchman Interview
Press Conference of Charles Key re OKC Bombing Foreknowledge and the Response
New Evidence of OKC Bomb Cover-up


Was Freeh Fired?–Or Is It Only a Glitch in the FBI’s Files? FBI Director Louis Freeh fails to receive a paycheck because the computer says he was terminated, and the 101 Airborne arrives in Saudia Arabia. (On their way to Syria?)
The FBI and Terrorism More crimes of the FBI.
The Dickheads are Still Desperate Why Congress should withdraw all funding from the FBI.
DOJ Report on FBI Crime Lab How to lie with forensics.
Open Letter to Louis Freeh on Montana Drugs G-men who smuggle drugs.
Interim Report on the Crash of TWA Flight 800 and the Actions of the NTSB and the FBI The report of Commander William S. Donaldson, USN Ret. in cooperation with
Associated Retired Aviation Professionals.
The FBI’s Project Megiddo (.pdf) The FBI’s plan for the Apocalypse.
FBI Shutter Speed FBI tries to censor Y2K movie.
Subversive Instinct Get your Freeh shit here. The Times Square video is back on the web.


Is the IRS Dealing Crack? Get your tax refund in a baggie, and visit two governors going to jail.
IRS Files for Sale Buy someone’s IRS file for $500.
Join the IRS: Deal Crack with Pay! Cocaine-dealing IRS employees still on the payroll.


Bill Clinton’s Cocaine Habit Our President does five lines a day.
Clinton & Iran A high-level Democratic delegation asks Clinton not to run again for President. Israeli radio says U.S. to bomb Iranian targets.
The Presidential Crisis The present danger in Presidential politics.
Bill Clinton and the Missing $100 Million General Noriega, Barry Seal, and Bill Clinton become suspects regarding millions in missing cocaine money.
October Surprises Clinton, Dole, Starr, Tucker, Patton, Credit Lyonnais, and Pulsar Data Systems may all have October Surprises.
Happy Birthday, Mr President! Clinton turns fifty.
Bill Clinton’s Choo-Choo The President takes a train ride. The modified warhead on the missile that took down TWA Flight 800.
The Monster Threatens Starr Temper tantrums.
How to Create a War First find some Belgian–er, Kurdish babies, then call in Hill & Knowlton.
Clinton Flips a Coin and Bombs Iraq Turning the military budget into a political slush fund.
Brother Bill’s Bad Week Clinton rearranges Iraqi sand, the FBI sucks wind, and the crematorium at Mena lurks in the shadows.
Hillary Clinton Puts Out a Contract on Dick Morris Hillary plots to murder her competition, using government thugs from I-3.
Top Ten Reasons Bill Clinton Resigned Read these, then make up your own.
Clinton in a Box Clinton has lost the war, both home and abroad.
What Happened to the Football? Did someone take the nuclear trigger away from Bill Clinton?
Tenacious Tentacles The cozy world of Bill Clinton, Jackson Stephens, and Mochtar Riady.
Hillary Clinton, Lafarge, and Kennametal Hillary helps Richard Mellon Scaife and Jackson Stephens arm Iraq.
Hail to the Cokehead Walking a mile in Bill Clinton’s shoes.
What Election? Nothing has changed with respect to Clinton’s problems.
What if Clinton Never Returned? Some wishful thinking.
More Top Ten Reasons Bill Clinton Resigned Fun things to say at the Inaugural Ball.
Sex with Hillary What one has to do to get a press conference.
Kenneth Starr’s Departure Could be Clintons’ Worst Nightmare By John Crudele.
The White House Cult Now it can be told.
Mexican Madness Pendejo in paradise.
London Sunday Times: Bonking Bill
Campaign Finance Report
The Starr Report
Hyde’s 81 Questions
Starr’s Testimony to the House Judiciary Committee
Follow the Money
The Senate Trial
Clinton Body Count Links


Ron Brown’s Loose Lips Seal His Fate More than meets the eye in the crash of Brown’s plane.
Database of Ron Brown’s Foreign Trade Missions
The Botched Ron Brown Investigation: An Interview with AFIP Forensic Pathologist Kathleen Janoski, by Wesley Phelan.


Saint Colby and the Fifth Column Damage control on the Vince Foster story, and why the death of former CIA director William Colby is not an occasion for tears.
Some Observations on the Non-News The dereliction of the journalism profession, the FBI can’t count files, the Montana drug operation, NSA attacks on my Internet posts, and the heroic efforts of Kenneth Starr.
An Apology and Goodbye A satire directed at a group of super-critics who have spent time attacking or distorting the Vince Foster story as told by Jim Norman and me. (I simply collected some of the arguments and put them in a single post, so everyone could see how silly they sounded.) However, some brain-dead individuals apparently believed my tongue-in-cheek statement that Mike McCurry of the White House Press Office calls me once a week to direct my efforts, and wrote a lot of angry letters condemning everything but their own inattention and gullibility.
How to Launder Money in the Copper Market (1) Sumitomo services the heroin trade. Intended to become a series.
Woodward’s Wayward Book Why Bob Woodward’s book The Choice is particularly ill-timed.
The Clinton Crash The Clinton administration has imprudently taken credit for much that is taking place in the economy. How would they deal with a stock market crash? Also mentions the banking problems created by alterations in the money flows associated with the drug and arms trade.
Is the CIA Trying for a Piece of Fifth Column Action? Contact fails to contact the Fifth Column.
The Governor of Kentucky to be Indicted Soon? Operation BOPTROT and Casey’s plan to turn Russian soldiers into drug addicts.
Dole Dumps an Old Friend and Lies About His Finances Why Dole resembles Clinton.
The Cracks in Clinton’s Economy John Deutch and Alan Greenspan worry about stock declines.
The Fifth Column Gets Press And the Prez worries Dick Morris might squeal.
The Uses of Terrorism The trade-off between guns and buttering-up-voters.
The Sniffles of Susan Susan McDougal, following bad legal advice, becomes a martyr without a cause.
The Symbiosis of Alan Greenspan and Bill Clinton Why is the Federal Reserve illegally intervening in the stock market?
Pinnacle Bank–The Usual Suspects Banking, the Arkansas way.
Wars and Rumors of War Iraq, I3, and why Bill won’t pardon Susan.
Musings Presidential pardons and all that.
Bill’s Blow, Stock Blowoffs, and Millennial Madness The future sucks.
Five Indictments of the Mass Media The alcoholic press consumes a fifth.
The Dickheads Are Getting Desperate Federal agents show up in Nancy, Kentucky.
Laundering Numbers Sumitomo & FBI files: the media can’t count.
The Starr Detractors As the worm squirms. Another chorus of “no more indictments”.
The Other Starr Detractors Chris Ruddy and Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.
The Joke Is on You The media releases us from the burden of political truth.
October Country That country composed in the main of cellars, sub-cellars, coal-bins, closets, attics.
General Convicted for Political Fund-Raising The politics of promotion.
The Coke Was Stored in Hangars 4 and 5 Cocaine distribution from the Ilo Pango Air Force Base, and the roles of the CIA, NSA,
and the Mossad.
The Starr Indictments: The Media Wrong Again And that’s not all the media is wrong about.
Bye Bye, Miss American Pie Lemmings and stock market calculations.
Al Gore as President And Tipper as FLOTUS.
Sticky Fingers at the Justice Department and U.S. Customs The government steals and doesn’t pay its bills.
Earl Brian Convicted in California The chief marketeer of the PROMIS software is convicted of financial fraud.
The Starr Indictments II Trick or treat.
Murder and Drugs in Arkansas The FBI sits on evidence in a drug-related murder.
Ten Predictions & Postmortem My March 1996 predictions and postmortem comment.
Twenty Predictions for 1997 Sixscore thousand persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand; and also much cattle.